handrace - Explore the world with tracks and roads

Desktop game for the whole family

This game will excite children and adults in an unusual, fun, interesting, and most importantly cognitive way

20 $
20 $
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  • 20 tracks (5 types x 4 copies) for grown ups & kids
  • 10 special RACE markers
  • 1 sport stopwatch
  • Multi-purpose reusable board RACEBOARD

How you play handrace

Race the track carefully as fast as possible, avoid to touch borders and obstacles on the way

Crossmark all the touched obstacles and boarders. Calculate the total time summary.

Find out interesting facts and fulfill the exciting tasks on the back side of the track

What does handrace do


Children and parents, friends and relatives - HANDRACE will unite you together no matter how old you are.


Every child is excited about something new. We have so many tracks that everyone can find own, new, joyful


Together with HANDRACE you can improve motorics, attention, learn new things and even study languages.


Exciting simplicity! Use the hand you are not used to, eyes closed, or two hands at once?!

Customers say

Konstya, 11 years

Basically, I really like the game. I like the obstacles and quests. The track
Forest Turns is an example. I also like the facts on the other side. I think 
many adults will also like it.

Failya, 31 years

Thank you for the opportunity to develop by playing and play with development! Interesting, bright, informative and exciting for both adults and children!
I did not find any drawbacks!
Recommend to parents for
children ages 3+!

Marina, 39 years

In general, we are happy as "elephants". The game is really fun, useful and exciting. I recommend is both as a gift and for educational activities

Andrey, 4 years

Well... it was really cool... i will call up my friends when someone has a birthday and we will play. Probably my grandma and grandpa can also play it

Adelina, 4 years

I like it too, because I have to draw on them, and I do not touch the boarders. I like to just drive the lines. I will talk to Anya, Sofia, Milana and propose to play with me

Variety of tracks

For children and adults, our illustrators created more than two hundred unique and interesting tracks. Anyone can find something he or she likes - from the rivers and canals of the world capitals to fantastic fictional places.

trade in of the tracks

When you have already gone through all the tracks, painted and studied the back side, you can help us take care of nature and Trade In the used tracks to us!
We will deliver the new tracks to you and the used ones will be recycled!

How to play handrace

it's easy

! Pick up identical tracks for every player.
! At command "Ready" put the marker on the Start line
! At command "Steady" get ready to race
! At command "Go!" start leading the line without withdrawing your hand from the track
! Mark the walls and obstacles with cross.
! Count total time (leading time + penalty)
! The one who made it faster won the race!


! Stop the time with a stopwatch – either in the HANDRACE Game Kit, on the phone or any other device.
! Every "touch" of the boarder of the track of obstacle is fined of 1 (one) second, unless else is said in the legend.
! The one who withdrew hand from the paper, starts fromt he beginning
! In the tracks where two hands lead lines the time is stopped when the last hand reached the Finish.

useful tips

! If it is easier for you to race the track from left to right (e.g. you are left-handed), just rotate the track.
! Tracks can be raced simultaniously at command "GO!". In this case the judge has to take the time of each player or each team.
! When playing in teams one can take the time individually for every player and summarize them of take the complete time for the whole team as relay race.
! You can create and draw any track of your own on the multi-use Race Board :)
! Anyone can lead the line with the marker without any stopwatch - just for pleasure ;)

useful for everyone

! Helps to be ATTENTIVE
! Gives possibility to get new KNOWLEDGE about countries, places, facts and events
! Develops MEMORY