handrace - Explore the world with tracks and roads


Excites. Develops. Amuses.

The uniqueness of HANDRACE is its simplicity - to draw a line along the track or a path as soon as possible and without touching the obstacles. The fastest and the most careful wins.

    • The game for those who want to develop their children and get them interested and have fun at any age. You can play as a whole family, with grandparents, on the street or at home, together in any event or compete with each other.
    • To cheer up oneself and to spend interesting time with friends by competing on the selected tracks or create tracks on your own.
    • Tracks included: The Annapurna Trail, The Great Ocean Road, The Forest Turns, Silverstone (Formula 1), Amazon River
    • Every track is designed for different difficulty levels and is suitable for participants from 3 years old. On the back of each track card there are tasks or interesting facts that will let you to learn new things about our world.

Just draw the line with the marker on the track! Simple is beautiful!

The Game set includes

  • 20 tracks (5 types x 4 copies) for grown ups & kids
  • 10 special RACE markers
  • 1 sport stopwatch
  • Multi-purpose reusable board RACEBOARD

Get excited. unusually.

develop motorics

KIDS tracks help to develop motorics. Just take the marker in your kid's hand and you will see how exciting and interested it will be for him just draw the line along the track avoiding obstacles.

distract from gadget

Distract your children and distract yourself from computers and gadtets. Spend time in the real world with the people you care about - simply with the marker, pencil or pen in hand.

Train attentiveness

HANDRACE trains attentiveness. Ask your child what he or she can racall as he raced his or her hand along the track. Some tracks are especially prepared to train attention.

broaden knowledge

With HANDRACE for sure you will learn something new about this world. Many are created based on the real places and the back of the track has interesting info about the place. 

How to play handrace

it's easy

! Pick up identical tracks for every player.
! At command "Ready" put the marker on the Start line
! At command "Steady" get ready to race
! At command "Go!" start leading the line without withdrawing your hand from the track
! Mark the walls and obstacles with cross.
! Count total time (leading time + penalty)
! The one who made it faster won the race!


! Stop the time with a stopwatch – either in the HANDRACE Game Kit, on the phone or any other device.
! Every "touch" of the boarder of the track of obstacle is fined of 1 (one) second, unless else is said in the legend. 
! The one who withdrew hand from the paper, starts fromt he beginning
! In the tracks where two hands lead lines the time is stopped when the last hand reached the Finish. 

useful tips

! If it is easier for you to race the track from left to right (e.g. you are left-handed), just rotate the track.
! Tracks can be raced simultaniously at command "GO!". In this case the judge has to take the time of each player or each team.
! When playing in teams one can take the time individually for every player and summarize them of take the complete time for the whole team as relay race.
! You can create and draw any track of your own on the multi-use Race Board :)
! Anyone can lead the line with the marker without any stopwatch - just for pleasure ;)

useful for everyone

! Helps to be ATTENTIVE
! Gives possibility to get new KNOWLEDGE about countries, places, facts and events
! Develops MEMORY
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