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Why all tracks are one time use?

In order to make all tracks multi use, i.e. erasable, we will need to laminate their surface. Basically it means to cover them with a thin layer of plastic. But the point is that when you or your child draws the line on the plastic and draws it faster then the hand follows and erases the line. The whole idea of the game is lost then as it will be imporssible to track where the lite touched the obstacle or the edge of the track. Moreover you will be all staned-dirty with marker.

You should agree that one time use has its own charm! You can fold it several times or into a small tube. You can make a present out of it or send it for recycling. And finally they are cheaper. 

As you know those who are registered in My HANDRACE, you can Trade In your used tracks. Then we will take care of recycling your tracks and paper so that it will become some useful thing again!

Where I can find exact rules of the game?

Rules of HANDRACE are extremely simple. They are published in the bottom of the page ABOUT GAME. They are also a part of every Track Kit you buy.
In the tracks for KIDS the main rule is - "One Second Rule", i.e. to add one second to Race Time for every obstacle or edge of the track you touch.

In the tracks for GROWN KIDS there is a legend in every set (on separate cheet or on the back side of the track) which desribes in details the tasks and the rules of the tracks.
But in any case - it very easy and intuitively clear!

Why should i buy tracks on the website?

Firstly, all our tracks are high quality printed on special cardboard. It will prevent tracks from bending and wrinkling when you race on them with your hand. Secondly, in all tracks you buy the backside will tell selected and very interesting facts and tasks which is part of the game - to explore and find out something. Every set of tracks for GROWN KIDS has a legend that explains facts and how to overtake more complicated obstacles.
Thirdly, in case you do not buy tracks from us we will not have money do develop and create new tracks and boraden our world. HANDRACE will just stop existing.

I have an idea of the track, how i can realize it?

This is exciting! You track will become the part of our "Tracks Bank"! We create the tracks in series. This means that we create several tracks of one topic so that it is more interesting to "race through" the whole series. That's why if you have an idea of the track, think if we can create several tracks of one theme. Moreover it is important that our tracks teach something, that is why our slogan is "EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH TRACKS AND ROADS" 

Email address for tracks ideas – tracks@handrace.com

Still have questions?

Write to us if you have not found the answer to your question.