handrace - Explore the world with tracks and roads


a game for the whole world

HANDRACE – is a game that one can understand in any country. Because to "race with hands" along the tracks is clear for any inhabitant of our planet. Our development started out in Russia, in St-Petersburg, and the first KIDS and GROWN KIDS started to play here. But look the picture below - HANDRACE is already known and being played there. Join to our game in the whole world! Send us your impressions, victories, idieas through Instagram, Vkontakte, YouTube!

young company

HANDRACE – a young company but we have already achieved much! We have registered the trademark, our "running pensil" is a fun symbol that it can be used not only for writing and drawing. We have done many games, tests and works with children and grown ups trying to understand how we can improve and develop the game process. Our tracks are translated in English, German, Swedish, and French. And we do not stop here!

multi language use

Our tracks have already been translated to several languages. And we will gradually open them up for you. Do you want to teach in an new way? You can use the tracks, for example at school to teach French or English - this is possible. Very soon!