handrace - Explore the world with tracks and roads

For illustrators and artists

HANDRACE - is the game that presents our world in tracks and roads. Without imagination and eagerness to find out something new and to see our world in a new way we would never be able to create it as it is.
Our goal is not to draw tracks and roads but to create them plunging the kids and grown ups in the atmosphere of fiction and reality. 

Creation of tracks and roads for the kids and grown kids

Every game track, every road is the result of big work of an illustrator, an artist and creative designer. By working together we create the atmosphere of the track, make up traps and obstacles. We also attract teachers, pedagogs, and pediatricians-children phsycologists what is the best way to show and express the atmospheres and heros. 
For KIDS we invent simple and clear track cards in order that they can easily recognize the characters and gain new knowledge and at the same time could train motoric skills making first steps to handwriting abilities. 
For GROWN KIDS we strive to find interesting and memorable facts, creating complex illustrations with many traps and obstacles on the way. 

international cooperation

Our team - are talanted and interested illustrators and designers as well as simply creative people that are interested in the world around us witshing to show something new and in a different way.
We are international company and work with the artists from different countries (France, USA, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Australia). We are interested in methods and visions from different perspectives and cultures.

HANDRACE has no limits and no borders.

new ideas and terms of cooperations

If you are a creative person and you like HANDRACE, if you've got ideas of new tracks and how to bring them to live, we will be happy to work with you! HANDRACE is developing all the time and we are in constant need of new artists that will create works with us and fill and update our catalogue of tracks and ideas. 

write to us if you are a cool illustrator and creative person!

We are always ready for cooperation with the talanted people!