handrace - Explore the world with tracks and roads

To legal entities

We want to broaden the borders of our coopration and to work with different organizations - kindergardens, scools, hospitals, restaurants - any companies that see that our creativity can be useful and interesting for them.

non standard cooperation

If you come to us it means that you are the company with non standard way of working. So you can expect same from us. Our way of working will make you happy and our cooperation will bring new values and advantages for you.

international experience

When you address yourself to HANDRACE you start to deal with a company with international experience. This means for example that we understand the difference when working with Japanese, Swedish, Russian, Finnish or any other country. If you would like to make a feast, order a track or to purchase many tracks, you can count that we understand your culture and ways of working. Wherever you come from, wherever you are.


We believe and we know that our tracks can make both children and grown ups happy - whether they are sick or healthy. That is why our ombitious goal is to support organizations that are in need of help. If you represent a company or organization that cooperates with hospitals, orphanage or other, or if you are their representative, please let us know and we will find some solution for you.