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Your wishes

Without your imaginations, experience and input with our game we can never make it better. We always need your advises and proposals - how we can make HANDRACE even more interesting, useful and better for all of us.
Do you have complaints about tracks? New ideas of tracks and roads? Or you might want us to create some special track for your private event or your company?

You do not like our logistics service or outlet deliveries?

How does it work?

  1. Your email goes to our department of "Developments and improvements"
  2. We analyze who should work further with your request
  3. If needed redirect the task to the appropriate department or the colleague
  4. If necessary we gather all together to solve your topic
  5. Finding solution
  6. We send you our regards and gratitude notifying that your request was solved accordingly or what we have achieved with it.

Send your wishes and proposals to this email