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Rivers of the World and Dangerous Roads

Rivers and Dangerous Roads - Track MIX for those who want to try to drive with their own hands on both simple and difficult tracks - for KIDS and GROWN KIDS. Do you want to know more about the Eastern rivers Yangtze and Ganges and try your hand on the three most dangerous roads in Ecuador, Switzerland and Russia? Do it with HANDRACE!
Rivers of the World and Dangerous Roads
The price includes
  • For the size A4 - copies of the track Price includes 10 copies of each track on special high-quality cardboard to avoid crumples. You can use 10 tracks one by one for one person or a company up to 10 persons.
  • For the sizes A3, A2, A1, A0 - 1 copy of the track The price includes 1 copy of the track on a special paper of the selected size. You can add several copies in the cart. Big sizes are printed on special equipment and in smaller quantities that it why they are more expensive.
  • Facts and tasks On the back side of each track you will find astonishing and surprising facts and tasks on the track you chose. This is a part of the game - to ask and check what the player remembers or knows about this track.
Choose the size Choose the size that fits you most. Sometimes it is much more fun to play on big sizes by placing them on walls or floor - speeding them with fat markers. We can also produce the format of any track according to your wish.


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how to play handrace

it's easy

! Pick up identical tracks for every player.
! At command "Ready" put the marker on the Start line
! At command "Steady" get ready to race
! At command "Go!" start leading the line without withdrawing your hand from the track
! Mark the walls and obstacles with cross.
! Count total time (leading time + penalty)
! The one who made it faster won the race!


! Stop the time with a stopwatch – either in the HANDRACE Game Kit, on the phone or any other device.
! Every "touch" of the boarder of the track of obstacle is fined of 1 (one) second, unless else is said in the legend. 
! The one who withdrew hand from the paper, starts fromt he beginning
! In the tracks where two hands lead lines the time is stopped when the last hand reached the Finish. 

useful tips

! If it is easier for you to race the track from left to right (e.g. you are left-handed), just rotate the track.
! Tracks can be raced simultaniously at command "GO!". In this case the judge has to take the time of each player or each team.
! When playing in teams one can take the time individually for every player and summarize them of take the complete time for the whole team as relay race.
! You can create and draw any track of your own on the multi-use Race Board :)
! Anyone can lead the line with the marker without any stopwatch - just for pleasure ;)

useful for everyone

! Helps to be ATTENTIVE
! Gives possibility to get new KNOWLEDGE about countries, places, facts and events
! Develops MEMORY